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Goulburn, NSW

Goulburn Hockey

LED lighting upgrade to 2 hockey fields

Light Up Sports won the tender to upgrade the lighting at Goulburn Hockey Centre to provide FIH Class II (500 lux at 0.7 uniformity) lighting standard and multiple switching options.

After removing existing metal halide light fittings and cabling within the pole, we installed 32 x 1350w LED fittings per field on existing poles and cross arms with new cabling down the poles which connected to the existing power supply - no new poles, cross arms or main cabling!

Each light was designed to be used in the 3 switching options:

  • Class II (> 500 lux at 0.7 uniformity)

  • Class I (> 350 lux at 0.7 uniformity)

  • Training (> 200 lux at 0.6 uniformity)

Once the installation was complete, a rigorous testing procedure was completed using a calibrated lux meter with outstanding results - an average of 639 lux at 0.82 uniformity!

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