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Narellan, NSW

Jack Nash Reserve

100 Lux over rugby league fields

Light Up Sports were awarded the tender to upgrade the lighting at Jack Nash Reserve over 2 rugby league fields to 100 lux.

Originally, we proposed to install 2 new poles between the fields to streamline Council’s assets. However, due to an unworkable geotechnical report after the tender had been awarded, Light Up Sports were able to alter our design to use all the existing poles over the 2 fields and achieve 100 lux.

Scope of works included:

  • Remove and dispose of existing light fittings, cabling from top of pole to base of pole, all control gear and 4 x cross arms which were not suitable for the proposed design

  • Supply and install 4 x new cross arms onto existing poles

  • Supply and install 22 x 1350w LED fittings on the existing poles, including new cabling from fitting to base of pole

  • Supply and install new circuit breakers (1 for each fitting) in the base of poles

  • Connect to existing cabling including ‘Cloudmaster’ lighting control system

  • Aim, test and commission

  • Provide written report and certification of actual lighting levels reaching the required standards

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