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Cooma, NSW

Cooma Showground

100 lux on rugby league field

Light Up Sports were awarded the works to design, supply and installation of new LED fittings over 1 rugby league field at Cooma Showground.


A round of applause to Craig Nicholls from Smartlux, who played a crucial role in Light Up Sports being introduced to this project.


Snowy Monaro Regional Council provided a brief to achieve competition standard lighting on a football field in the middle of a sprawling showground, which has now become a shining reality with Light Up Sports.


The project presented its fair share of challenges, with existing poles of varying heights and a sprawling oval stretching over 20,000m2. However, thanks to Halliday Lighting's robust lighting design using the Siteco 'FL11 Maxi Pro,' we achieved an impressive 131 lux at 0.7 uniformity - precisely meeting the required standards.


The process involved the careful removal of existing light fittings, followed by the seamless retro-fitting of 'FL11 Maxi Pro' onto existing cross arms. We also replaced the cabling from the base of the pole to the new fittings, ensuring top-notch performance. Upon testing and commissioning, the audit confirmed that the actual readings perfectly aligned with the provided design - 131 lux at 0.7 uniformity – achieving Australian standards for club competitions and match practice at the amateur level (AS2560.2.3 Lighting for football – all codes). As an added bonus, the new lights also brightened the existing rodeo arena with 50 lux.


The impact of this project for the Snowy Monaro Regional Council is significant. They now benefit from top-tier competition and training standard lighting while enjoying an incredible 53% reduction in energy consumption - all made possible by leveraging the existing poles.


All LED light fittings were supplied by Craig Nicholls from Smartlux.

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